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Rick Butterfield Guitar Teacher

My teaching experiance and approach.

I have been a professional musician and teacher since late 2010, being self employed for this time. I started teaching at an adult academy until late autumn 2011. Since then I have built up my private tuition base, starting through, but gaining most of my students via word of mouth.


I teach all guitar styles and submit most of my students to the appropriate exam board, with a 100% pass rate and well over 80% with honors. This is a full time position (Monday-Friday) after school/work hours, I teach all ages and levels from the age of 5. 

I teach group lessons, in the past I have taught on the Montgomery Holloway Music Trust (2009) Jazz summer school, teaching guitar and coaching a small ensemble. I have learnt and apply all styles of music, this knowledge is always used in bands / groups I am in, to benefit and teach the whole, not just in 1-2-1 lessons. I aproach children and adults with the same patience and understanding, as we are all human and music is hard!

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